History of Venice republic by archives of Dodge palace.

In the year 1492 six new nations emerged in Europe and they would dominate the next century. One of them was a tiny republic in Italy: Venice.

Report by an unknown source inside the Venetian palace

In 1492 Venice was a peacefull and rich nation, but there was a lot of internal unrest. Stability was very low. So the Doge had to focus his policy on internal matters. With the support of the nation's upper class stability was restored. Did the Doge completely fotget about the international situation? No. He kept a weary eye on the neighbour in the east Turkey. This large nation which 40 year before took the great city of Constantinopel was building a new army. Rumors said these new troops had far superiour technology then the proud Venetian Army. Spys reported the use of gunpowder in the infidels Army. The Doge realised he could not face this danger alone, so an defensive alliance was made with the Great Nation of France. This alliance gave the Venetian government insurance against possible attacks by the infidels. Some merchants even dared to compete with the Turkish trading fleet in the Black sea, sailing proudly through the strait of Constantinopel. Unfortunatly the struggle between the Knights and the Turkish navy caused damage to the trading fleets around Turkey. But peace remained and the Venetian economy did well, and so the people were content (but the Doge knew he would have to keep the peace to insure this new stability, the future would tell.)

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