This is History of England by unknow chronicler.

History of England

1492-1495 ------ God save the King My Lord, let me continue with the great feats of our King Henry the VII. You have already heard of his victory at Bosworth over evil Richard and the beginning of a successful reign. Our king promoted trade and welfare, but new challenges he had to face in the coming years.

First of all, the Scots were talking about breaking their ties with the English Crown. The King had to do its best to convince them to remain under our protection. Then, supporters of Richard, whom we believed had vanished, took the town of Birmingham and spread rebellion over the whole Midlands. The king did not hesitate. The Calais garrison was called and, reinforced with fresh recruitmens, marched on Birmingham. The Army besieged successfully the town and the rebel commander asked for mercy. But there is no mercy for traitors. All rebels were captured and hanged, and this punishment contributed to pacify the province.

It was also by this time that a humble navigator came to the court and asked for support to an expedition to find the Spices Lands. Rumours of similar Spanish and Portuguese expeditions convinced our king to help him, and with three ships, he sailed from Portsmouth. In this first voyage, he didn't travel far, but during a second one, he saw land far to the West.

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